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LA Hardcore Band Matriarchs Reveals New Video for "Eviscerate"


MATRIARCHS Release New Ripping Track "Eviscerate" Featuring Myke Terry Of VOLUMES / Ex-BURY YOUR DEAD

Los Angeles-based slammers Matriarchs are here to rip your head off with their latest track "Eviscerate" and features Ben Levi who currently works guitar duties in Cutthroat (Downset / Merauder) as well as Myke Terry of Volumes and Ex-Bury Your Dead fame. If you're into visceral hardcore that won't let up, give Matriarchs the spin it deserves!

Guitarist Ben Levi Comments:

I'm excited to have been able to collaborate on this single with Myke Terry. He gave me an anthem about discovering the self destructive patterns within us and recognizing them as the deceptive crutches that they are and ripping them out. This is an anthem about spiritual liberation.

Watch original post via Metal Injection

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