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Why Music Is About To Get A Lot Better In The Next Couple Years


For some artists, music is just about entertainment - perhaps, a way to reach the spotlight. For others, making music is a true way of life and it is all about passion and creativity. These Arms Alone definitely belong to the latter category, as their truly unique blend of sound blurs the lines between genres, although remaining deeply rooted within the band’s underground roots. The band’s music blurs the lines between various styles, from hard rock and grunge to punk and indie music. One of the most striking things about their sound is that it is not just about aggressive guitar and edgy tones. There is also a lot of melody and some graceful vocal performances counterbalancing the wall of sound of the guitars and the heavy grooves of the rhythm sections. The songs on the band’s EP, “Roses”, are a great example of the band’s talent for great songwriting and explosive performances. On songs such as Maria, the band blends in killer riffs with a metal flavor and some really memorable vocals. The second track, Breathe, has got some more melody and more focus on the vocal performance, with the weight of the electric guitar coming in shortly after a more mellow introduction.


On “Don’t Stop”, the band showcases their softer side, in the form of a truly beautiful acoustic ballad, with some amazing string arrangements and one of the most heartfelt vocal performances of the entire EP. The final song, Sessile, is probably my favorite track on the EP. I really love the big, pounding drums, the introspective and dark vocals, as well as the electric guitars, bringing life to the verse with some amazing chorus effects and then with some killer overdriven tones.

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