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5RP EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: Matriarchs - Disconnected Lyric Video*


MTAS are all about bridging the gaps between punk and metal.

Drawing influence from the greats like All Out War, Madball and Hatebreed as well as classic Death Metal Grind and Sludge bands like At The Gates, SkitSystem, Tragedy, Suffocation and Down. Their attention to subtle nuance and songwriting is what truly sets Matriarchs apart from the pack. Disconnected is hard and pure from the very start. The guitars give you a true punch in the guts, while the drums are remarkably heavy, blending in perfectly with the low groove of the bass. The sound of this track echoes the golden age of the genre. Matriarchs’ music is about carrying the fire and allowing true the true passion of music to really reach the audience. Following in the footsteps of the most authentic hardcore and punk traditions, Disconnected is 3 minutes full of urgency and energy.

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