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Sarah Silverman’s Viral Bernie Sandars Video

Sarah Silverman takes a non patronizing approach to urging people on the fence about participating in the 2016 election to cross that line and make a decision regardless as to whether it is in line with her views or not. In a comic video released today on her Facebook page she explains why Bernie Sanders is the candidate she is voting for. While explaining that as a feminist woman, she was a proponent for Hilary Clinton except for the fact that she takes campaign money from big business corporations, she goes on to state that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running on the type of rebellious platform that can cause real productive change in the country. “This man is running for president on a platform that is just a giant fuck-you to the above-the-law billionaire class who have been controlling government policy with their money, and not paying a nickel in taxes through government loopholes they secure with said money,” Silverman said. “It’s important that you treat your vote as something valuable, because it is. It’s so valuable,” Silverman said. “Candidates literally spend billions of dollars trying to get your vote.”

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