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Matriarchs - Disconnected (lyric video)

MATRIARCHS – Disconnected Release  MTAS are all about bridging the gaps between punk and metal. With a sound reminiscent of Sick Of It All, Madball or Agnostic Front crossed with Classic Death Metal and Grind Bands like At The Gates, Suffocation, SkitSystem and Tragedy. Matriarchs reinvent the game a bit by incorporating strong and memorable songwriting transcending hardcore and diving into pure artistic territory. Disconnected is hard and pure from the very start. The guitars carry a punch, while the drums are remarkably heavy, blending in perfectly with the groove of the bass.  The sound of this track echoes the golden age of the genre, and focuses on carrying the rebellious fire of aggressive music and allowing true passion of music to really reach their audience. Following in the footsteps of the most authentic hardcore and punk traditions, this track is under 3 minutes, packing lots of urgency and energy into the mix.

Rubber Duckie

Official selection of OutFest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival 

Rubber Duckie the directorial debut from the writer/producer of the award-winning short film "She Kills He", Henry Alberto.Rubber Duckie is the story of Jesse and Daniel, who on a blazing summer afternoon, are consumed with boredom and push their own limits and boundaries. This leaves us begging the question; is it simple boredom or insatiable innate appetite for more? Our two characters begin a journey that explores the unconscious part of the self that harbors their shameful, self-destructive and dark selves. They will make decisions that will inevitaby lay out their paths.

This Tunnel South


This film is a true labor of love based on a collection of true stories experienced by the writer/director and or people he was very close to. It is a compelling drama, with insight and a positive message. It is a realistic look at drug abuse and urban culture, filmed on an ultra low budget shot in 2 weeks.

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