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When it began there was nothingness. An infinite, nurturing calm washed over the entirety of the cosmos blanketing it with love, serenity, and… boredom.


Consciousness awakened to the sound of the goddess Sophias initial vibration. Shaking the very foundation of the fabric of existence causing the first moment of chaotic consciousness, separating the divine unity of all things in two. It was in this moment that this energy became self-aware and realized the absence of its opposite. And with this understanding came an unimaginable yearning to reunite.


That yearning became so great that it begot a new divine creation. Desire. And that desire became the catalyst that propelled one energy towards the pursuit of reuniting with its missing counterpart. But as the laws of nature dictate with the growth of desire grew the opposite reaction to desire which is repulsion and so the two opposites continued to push and chase each other away towards extremes swinging back and forth on the pendulum of eternity. Ever springing new creations of consciousness as a result. Forever striving to reunite in harmony.

This is a soundtrack to that love story.

Ten Thousand Suns is Ben Levi and Brad West exploring the wretched parts of the mind, the dark secrets you hate that are a part of you.


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