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'Drown with Me'

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CutthroatLA is a band who build on the legacy of their local scene. LAHC is legendary, having bonded early on with their NYHC compatriots in order to bring hardcore music around the world. CutthroatLA build on this heritage, seeing Neil Roemer (Downset), Bobby Blood (Merauder), Ben Levi (Matriarchs) and Jason Birmingham come together in order to bring hardcore mayhem on a neverending series of tours.


A group who have promised to remain true til death – their unique mix of hardcore, beatdown, 90’s hip-hop and thrash makes for a deeply emotional sonic canvas. Having already toured in Japan and Europe, the bands recent US dates with Billy Bio and the mythic Madball are just par for the course at this point. Their upcoming opening slot on the2020 edition of the legendary Persistence Tour alongside Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits, Wisdom In Chains and H20 is the next step for this West Coast crew. With decades of history in the scene, these are the sort of opportunities that start to happen.


CutthroatLA are proof positive that hardcore takes care of its own, especially if you stay dedicated to what the whole scene is about. One would be hard pressed to find a group more tied to their DIY ethos than this one. Now the band is preparing to release a new EP on Demons Run Amok produced by Billy Bio of Biohazard fame. After years of working with their collective noses to the grindstone, CutthroatLA have positioned themselves to be a growth on the pioneering work of both their previous bands and their own musical ancestors.


The future has never been brighter for CutthroatLA and now decades of discipline, from Merauder and Downset to bringing the rage on the Persistence Tour alongside genre forefathers has turned into something truly special.


Drown with Me [Explicit]

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Cutthroat Los Angeles

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